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Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Mind Of Kim Kardashian: Boycott Kim Kardashian...Here's What She May Be Thinking

A ho will be a ho.  I'm no moral expert or self-righteous pundit.  Kim K. makes money for one simple reason: she's a very attractive "bad guy."

Let me explain.  At best, the Kardashian team are marketing experts.  They weaved a perfect public story.

Face facts, circumstances and hard work positioned Mama K., she positioned her girls in the right place around powerful people and they capitalized.  At first, Kim was simply pegged as another rich brat packer, a so-called "stylist" that rubbed shoulders with showbiz types, dated black producers and athletes and was the daughter of a woman married to a famous lawyer.

One clever step at a time, one negotiated mistake later, the Kim K. sex tape leaks under the guise of "rich non-black socialite goes slumming with black R & B dude and gets caught!"  The birth of a reality "porn" star is born.

Sure, Kim K. cries foul, claims she was "betrayed" and could have stopped the distribution of the tape.  But what did she do?  Accept the cash, cut a good residual deal with the distributor to keep the cash flowing because of one very interesting public question: is she really a dumb ho or can she prove to be worth more than a sex tape gal?"

The drama ensues.  The public now watches Kim K.  Was she really an exploited, betrayed girlfriend of a womanizer that "put her on blast" with the sex tape or was she a very clever closet porn star?  Is she really a classy gal worthy of the same respect and adoration as other female public figures with talents ranging from acting, singing, politics or music?  Or is she just another stupid but pretty rich girl that gets more chances to make good because of her money than any "regular joe" would get in multiple lifetimes?  Was she in on the sex tape leak the whole time, is she really "that kind of girl"?  Is she real or a fraud?

No matter what position you take, the drama is fascinating and lures viewers.  So here we are.  My explanation:

She's a fascinating "good girl" cast as once the victim of a scandalous betrayal by way of a sex tape (http://kimksuperstar.com/).  But as time went on, she capitalized greatly on the very thing that she was supposedly so hurt and destroyed by.  Only to snag endorsements, star in a reality show, date more rich black athletes and make millions of dollars more- all while still selling a sex tape!  This chick is the role model for any aspiring porn star!  Yet she rubs shoulders with every type of celebrity and shot caller worth knowing.  Then the question emerged: would any man ever marry her knowing that anyone could get a fantastical piece of her simply by visiting a website and putting in a credit card number?

Sure enough, Kim K. finds a suitor.  Poor guy.  But hey, hos know a mark when they see one.  He was perfect, biracial (not her usual chocolate tastes) but an NBA player.  Perhaps she's changed?  Maybe she's abandoned her ways?  She even stages a multimillion dollar wedding on television!  Less than 3 months later she gets divorced!  Are we really surprised?  No.  But guess what?

The public is STILL watching her.  I'm going to make this simple for everyone.

In her mind she's thinking this:

"Ok. Everyone knows I prefer dating black men that prefer non-black women with black girl booties, I can fit the profile.  I'm smart but I have a weakness for doing some risque things when men that are players and preferably rich or on the financial up-and-up.  I'd never deal with a broke nigga, everyone knows that.

White boys hate going out with girls like me because the thought of fucking me after so many black men is somewhat intimidating and they'd be ashamed to be seen with me in public.  So upscale black guys with money is my market.  Now that this sex tape is out I have cash flow and a constant reminder to all the men out there that I'm a freak.  Black women are jealous because I get the men they want but can't.  White women fantasize about my lifestyle but are often too afraid to do what I do.  I'm going to be a taboo indulgence for most people that watch me.

I'm not that talented but I can market myself well.  The public knows I'm not talented but they underestimate my intelligence because they think I'm the poor gal on the leaked sex tape or the dumb chick on the sex tape.  They will be watching to see if I can redeem myself, hold my head up and put that tape behind me.  I can capitalize.  The tape remains, they will buy it.  I will distance myself from it to secure the eyes of those that watch the sex tape and those that want to see if I fail at being a public figure.  Not many of my fans will want to see me succeed.  Sure I will have lots of misguided girls that have done what I've done for free and only been exploited with you tube videos or camera phones of ex-boyfriends, but they will never get the endorsements I get so they can be my real fans who can relate to me.

They key to my success will be the "double negative" marketing approach.  The sex tape reminds the public that I'm slutty, but my reality show reminds the public that I'm just a regular gal trying to move forward with my life and put the past behind me.  I have created my own drama that seems impossible to overcome and impossible not to watch.

All I have to do is act like the sex tape never happened and that I'm just "looking for true love", which will give my audience a chance to have some sympathy for me and hope that I can.  In truth, none of them will want to admit that they hope I fail, deserve to be the forgotten slut on the sex tape and think that I'm nothing but a fraud.  They would rather hide behind my lies and secretly watch my life play out like voyeuristic vultures in the privacy of their own home.

To publicly state that they hate me would show they are jealous and weak, no one wants to admit that.  Even if some haters emerge, they will only fuel my fame.  Besides, a great uproar over my antics will never emerge because most people don't think I'm talented or worth any real organized efforts to expose my marketing strategies.  After all, it's just entertainment.  Hell, I'm already on a sex tape, if I can withstand that then I can handle anything from the public.  Fuck it, what have I got to lose?  At the very least, I'll have a shit load of money by the time these people figure out how a pimped the shit out of this game!"

That's the genius of the perfect pretty "bad guy."            

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