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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Female Hustlers Find Their Own Discussion Forum

"I don't buy self-help books or dating advice books.  Those kinds of books aren't written for women like me," Libby told me.  Her statement got me thinking as I sat on the sofa at a private party I was hosting at a hotel in Chicago.  Sipping on cognac, listening to Libby rant about how there are so many strippers, video models, adult entertainers, mistresses and other so-called "women of the night" that really are ok with the fact they're branded by morally self-righteous women as "bad girls."

Twirling the red straw back and forth against the rim of her cocktail glass, she said, "Believe it or not, most of the gals in this lifestyle accept the realities that come along with getting paid to be some guy's fantasy for a spell, dating married men or being objectified to some extent.  We just try to make the most of it.  What would be cool is if gals like me had someone we could go to when we want advice on how to navigate through this circus."

Sure I was slightly buzzed from my cognac, but I wasn't too far gone at all.  I've travelled from the east to the west coast and landed in the midwest and have seen every sort of female flesh hustler imaginable.  A firm understanding of their world is well within my grasp. The truth is, these libertines come in all shapes and sizes, often engage in some unique relationship arrangements and always seem to come to me with questions like:

  • How do I tell my new boyfriend that I'm an erotic dancer?
  • I met this married man that fits my lifestyle, how do I make it work?
  • My husband gets off on watching me dance with other men, how do I make sure I put on a good show?
  • I want to leverage my dancing career into more lucrative opportunities, how do I do it?
  • What's the best way to market myself, so that I can charge higher booking fees?
  • How do I read men better so that I can get them to do what I want?  
  • How can I befriend the wife of my boyfriend and persuade her to be ok with sharing her husband with me?                                                    
I've heard millions of questions from genuine "fantasy" experts and regular women doing things they're too ashamed to go public with and they sincerely wanted objective advice, so I gave it.  Turns out, I was so good at it, they kept coming back.  I had more to say, so I wrote a book too (more on that later).

I suppose this blog is for women that are living on the edge of insanity but love the pay and want to make the most of their time maximizing their sex appeal while it lasts.  Regular chicks can watch Oprah, but all the rest of you knowingly compromised, yet saavy women have me...I'm open for business!

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