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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Where Women Eye the New Pimp Game: The Truth Does Not Have to Hurt...Poor Ho, Rich Ho...

Where Women Eye the New Pimp Game: The Truth Does Not Have to Hurt...Poor Ho, Rich Ho...: "Poor Ho, Rich Ho closed in on bestseller status in less than 3 months. What this says about the current state of our capitalistic cult..."

The Truth Does Not Have to Hurt...Poor Ho, Rich Ho reaches Best Seller Status!

Poor Ho, Rich Ho closed in on bestseller status in less than 3 months.  What this says about the current state of our capitalistic culture is that the truth does not always have to hurt.  All the women that have purchased the book come from various walks of life but have one thing in common- they understand what it means to embrace harsh truths without becoming hardened.  As a nightlife minx handler, I can respect this.

What types of women embrace this book?

Women that understand what it means to get the most out of their opportunities without sacrificing parts of themselves they can never get back.  The long and short of it?  Women that know how to give-take-and-manipulate-for-goodness-sake.

Get your copy today!  

Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Ho Mentality...Loneliness at the Top

Bottom lines.  Outcomes.  Winning or losing.  To a ho, that's what counts.  What about actions?  What about morality?  What about social consciousness?

The life of a ho is lonely.  Even when the life is cushioned with financial rewards, glamorized by envious onlookers and exploitative voyeurs, the life of a ho is still desolate at times.  In silence, the ho ponders, "How long should I live this way?  What am I really getting out of all this?  What would my mother or father say?"

Answers to such musings come and then go, like clients.  Rushes of shame, guilt and even paranoia infest the daydreams and nightmares of sleeping hos on the darkest nights when we slumber alone, for a change.  Solitude is the gift and curse to a ho.

But when it's all said and done, such freedom to be is supposed to be rare.  Exclusivity can be lonely.  After all, who dares wear the cloak of capitalism with such flair?  Unashamed, holding the dangling chains of so-called justice and morality in one hand and a wad of credit cards and folded dollar bills in the other, the ho stands naked like a perverted messiah at the mercy of the erotic courts of hidden desires.  Indulged by all, claimed by few, the ho knows what many say and do in truth but has been sanctioned by a gag order.  The gods forbid that aspiring gods get exposed as mere humans.

So the ho rests, holding the sexual betrayals of the righteous the way robed priests harbor confessions of the fallen.  Yes, the ho mentality can be lonely.  But no more lonely than the wife of a married man on vacation with his mistress or the single independent woman sitting alone in her living room watching romantic comedies and reading self-help books.

I guess that's why us hos shop so much, right?

Friday, March 11, 2011

The Fine Line...Poor Ho, Rich Ho breaks the Silence!

There's just a "way to do things."  As varying degrees of just about anything exists, such is the world that I dwell in.  There's a difference between walking, jogging, running and even sprinting.  Pace or speed differentiates this.

Clear distinctions are difficult to come by in the game that isn't a game.  A stripper versus an exotic dancer, a model versus a spokesperson, an escort versus a date, a ho versus a promiscuous woman- how are these distinctions made?

As I open the dialogue between my world and that of people that have assumed far too long that a clear distinction exists, I've met both positive and negative reactions to "Poor Ho, Rich Ho: Modern Women of The New Pimp Game."

Such is the "fine line" between self-awareness versus self-deception.  Women that have read the book cover to cover understood and even embraced the underlying message conveyed (which I'll reserve for women that have purchased the controversial title).  But some women that have not read the book yet, have a knee-jerk reaction to the title itself.  "Hos lose in the end."  "Hos will never end up happy."  "Hos get paid to have sex, I don't believe in that."  Admittedly, I've received so many emails and responses that echo defensiveness and even sheer denial.

Some of these women even told me, "I can't believe you're selling this book!"

Yet these same "ladies" purchase music that glorifies sex, drugs, pimpin', womanizing, stripping and hustling.  These same "ladies" go to nightclubs, dance as well or even better than professional exotic dancers.  These same "ladies" dress like strippers, date like escorts, chase material things like gold diggers, and can be seen in the audience of any rap concert or sex crazed R & B singer.  Hell, some of these same woman can be found screaming and passing out at your nearest church!  But "Poor Ho, Rich Ho: Modern Women of The New Pimp Game" gets under their precious, flawless skin?

Dare I say it?  "There's just a way to do things."  "It's not what you do, it's how you do it."  Such crafty sayings are the razor thin line that differentiates real women from hos, right?  Such sayings are also what what separates dumb hos from smart hos.

The only thing some women are upset about is that "Poor Ho, Rich Ho" exposes the dirty little secret of undercover hos that have been skating by with their noses in the air hoping that no one sees them slipping out the back door of the club getting into a limo headed back to the hotel- for free.  Don't get me wrong, I expected the controversy.  It's part of the ongoing process.  In fact, the women that have read and understand the book will be joining me in a good laugh later.  What's clear is that women are harder on each other than any womanizer or pimp will ever be.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Irony of The Pimp Game's Dirty Little Secret

Shhhh, don't say it aloud.  After all, sex should not sell.  The pimp game that is not a game has a dirty little secret: women with dual personalities.

Uncommitted, brilliant and articulate upholders of morally upstanding ways of womanhood, these women are judge and jury for all fallen women to worship.  Loyal followers of preachers on Sundays and masters of the "drop it like it's hot" moves on Saturday nights at the same clubs that many of the "jump-offs, groupies and hot girls"shake for green papered rain, these women have all the answers.  They can show a ho how to put on lipstick that doesn't get smeared no matter how many exclusive, worthy dicks rub across their double-speaking mouths.

Yes, the women with dual personalities know how to pose in bikini's next to your favorite rappers cars, show up at celebrity events dressed like strippers and present their "tease-only" package as a demonstration of what real classy women look like.  Amazingly, somehow when they try to convince the rich, playboy womanizer that he needs to not "date hos, groupies and disgraceful women" their short skirts and extra high heels don't get in the way of their holy message of female empowerment and redemption.  In fact, they only dress like exotic dancers to get the attention of the men surrounded by real erotic entertainers- in order to demonstrate that there's "more to them than meets the eye."

May the pimp game thank these persistent sisters of "ho-not-ho culture" for their ability to call people like Kim Kardashian, Amber Rose, Karrine Stephans, Lisa "Golden Girl" Natson, Kat Stacks, Carmen Bryan, all of Tiger Wood's hos- shameful women with low self esteem and a discredit to all women.  Without these lady protectors of female dignity, we would not know how a woman can exhibit ho behavior but get appalled by the notion that she's anything like the previously mentioned women.

Thankfully the phrases of "independent woman", "woman with her own" and the ability to "do what I gotta do" exist as useful punchlines for these lady chameleons.  I even had one tell me, "To each his own.  I don't have anything against escorts, strippers, groupies or hos- one of my best friends is an escort.  I'm just not trying to be identified with that lifestyle."

I looked at her in her red miniskirt and glanced at her tattoo on her thigh (a stripper's pole) and said to her, "Yeah, I understand.  To each his own.  It's all in how you do things in this life."

"Yeah, that's right!" She smiled and strutted away.  Like I've always said, there's nothing like a classy woman.


Tuesday, March 8, 2011

What Men With Money and Power Want From Women...

The candid new book Poor Ho, Rich Ho has become an intriguing discussion topic in numerous online forums and sparked conversation around a very important underlying question:

"What do men with money and power want from women?"

Crossing paths with many financially stable men and ambitious women, I've seen the extremes of needs/wants on both sides of this topic.  Which leads me to ultimately conclude that two major factors must be considered before anyone can answer such a broad question.

Factor 1: An individual's personal beliefs, values and standards related to relationships is the starting place.

Factor 2: When individuals bring Factor 1 into contact with others, the compatibility between parties dictates whether or not the prospective relationship satisfies the couple's definition of fulfillment.

Considering the previous two factors, when rich men enter the dating game, what surrounding women must take into account are the two factors mentioned- for themselves first.

Meaning that a woman's "Factor 1" helps a rich men assess this question: What type of woman is she?

In turn, the man will also know the answer already regarding this question: What type of man am I?

Sticking with Factor 1 for a moment, as you can see by now, endless variations of answers can result because every man and woman is different.  Regardless of our personal perspectives and opinions on or about people, "to each his own" is not just a cliche for no reason.  A female doctor may eyeball a female pop singer and say, "She's immoral and stands for the wrong thing- disgusting!"  Yet that same female doctor may be open to dating the exact same man that the pop singer wants as well.  Rich men encounter such diverse scenarios all the time because men with means will see both these women at the same event, possibly dressed in attention-getting outfits.  Yet they are clearly two different types of women.  Who would this man choose to court or deal with?

The answer depends on numerous factors that have much do with the following question that enters the minds of rich men routinely:

"What type of woman is this and how does she fit into what I am looking for today?"

Timing is the most overlooked factor when issues about relationships are discussed.  If you're wondering how a woman deemed a "ho" or "gold digger" somehow secured the interest of a quality gentleman, it's all about timing.  The more chances a woman takes to cross paths with opportunities, increased are the odds of taking part in the perfect moment.

Of course, keen eyes will pinpoint a crucial detail in the last question.  "TODAY."  Just because a rich man wants a ho today does not mean he'll want her in the morning, right?

True indeed, as human nature and life issues eventually will become a concern.  Yet how a relationship starts does not dictate how it will endure or end, especially if communication takes place in a manner where both parties can explore their level of compatibility.

Men with money and power already have material security.  Keep in mind they encounter all sorts of propositions from established professional women, groupies, strippers, etc.  A key component must be considered- men with power did not acquire power without taking risks.  Their mindsets are often more open to new things, alternative strategies and turning what appears to be nothing into something- they are often "builders."

What rich men look for are women that are not only comfortable with their own "Factor 1 Reality", but women that know how to bring their own truth into another's reality in a way that supplements what they both feel is a good relationship for them.

I chuckle at women that simply don't want to accept that being "independent and self-sufficient" does not have to exclude men.  Some women really do need a man to be happy.  What's wrong with that?  Not everyone is meant to be strong and alone just as not everyone is made to be a successful business person or politician.  Women with too much to prove also display major insecurities about being vulnerable in ways that women who are not ashamed of needing men do not.  So what do rich men want from women?

Ladies that are not ashamed to be vulnerable, honest and most of all, interesting and friendly.  As long as a woman is comfortable with her answers for Factors 1 and 2, she will be comfortable being vulnerable, honest, interesting and friendly.  Not to say all "regular" women don't understand this fact, but it's been my experience that women living the fast life understand what rich men want and are willing to support such wants and needs- while "regular women are busy lecturing these men about "what they should" versus what they actually want.

I had a woman comment once, "Would President Obama date a ho, stripper or slutty woman?"

To that I say, we have no idea how Michelle gets down with her hubby.  What makes people think that educated, high performing members of society that have achieved admirable success beyond the reach of most people- don't get off on something?

"A woman in the streets but a freak in the bed" is a saying based on the premise of "balance."  How much a woman can balance her "lady" and "inner ho" is key.  Some men want more "ho" than lady, some want more lady than "ho."  What rich men want is a woman that won't try to force him to choose one over the other!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Is There a Double Standard Among Women?

It appears that women grant men more forgiveness when it comes to capitalism.  A man that reaches for the stars, defeats detractors, aims high and can't be detoured into failure is deemed as "relentless" and "unstoppable."  People will admire him, women will be available to him and if he captures the hearts and bodies of such women, he's a "man's man" or even a player.

Ironically, if women are "relentless" and "unstoppable" as they strut toward their goals and weave through the land of capitalism, they will not only face the double standards imposed by men- but other women as well.  Successful female go-getters that have positioned themselves as sex symbols face such scrutiny.  The hypocritical double standard pushed by men is well documented, no need to review it.  But what's not discussed often enough are "uncommitted hos" versus "Committed hos."  What I mean is, a woman will dress provocatively, roam in influential circles where rich men shop, play and court attention.  Yet even though this woman is dressed like a groupie, stripper, erotic dancer, escort or female hustler- she does not want to be seen as a "gold digger" or ho.

Sure appearances do not expose a woman's entire package, but if a woman wore risque nightclub attire to a funeral or children's school play she'd look out of place, right?  Even if such a woman stood up and proclaimed, "Just because I'm dressed like this doesn't mean that I'm a ho.  I have the freedom to wear whatever I like."  Technically, she'd be correct.  Socially, she'd be seen as "inappropriate" and "tacky."

So why do uncommitted hos, a.k.a. "ladies" try to enter the same circles as video groupies, strippers and exotic dancers, escorts and gold diggers dressed exactly alike and vying for the same rich and powerful men- yet don't want their behavior to be viewed as "whoring?"

Humor me for a moment.  If I walked up to a duck standing with other ducks, and then said, "What a cute duck."  But then one of the ducks barks like a dog, aside from possibly needing therapy, I'd be surprised that a duck barked like a dog.  It would make me wonder, "Why does a dog appear as a duck?  Why not appear  as a dog?"

So why do ladies dress like the hos they despise, roam in circles where so-called hos play then call effective, profitable hos "disgraceful women" that "will lose in the long run"?

Are "regular women" in denial about their own motives?  Are "regular women" using ho-like appearances to get their foot in the door with rich men- bait and switch?  Are regular women hoping they will somehow upstage legitimate hos with their morals?

I'm of the opinion that one should not enter to play a game without first knowing the rules, practicing and accepting the game itself.  Furthermore, if a duck looks like a duck in real life- it probably is or at least has a little bit of duck in it.  Poor Ho, Rich Ho...the reluctant truth has arrived HERE.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Short Term vs. Long Term Gain, Are Female "Gold Diggers" Winning?

"Hoes always appear to be winning, they are definitely not especially in the long run," I read on a message board in response to a message I posted which stated: "the hos are winning while the good women are sitting."

Followed by similar responses, I read carefully.  In my mind I thought, it's easy for lesser go-getters to malign, belittle or even condemn successful libertines that secure a pay day or arm of a wealthy suitor.  It's even easier for women outside of the fast-paced lifestyle of strip clubs, escort services, gold digging networks and groupie culture to say, "These women are playing themselves, they'll never meet a quality man!"

Yet if you really think about it, the "gold diggers" hustling in my world are probably more honest than women outside of the lifestyle.  Consider this:

  • Regular women want men than can provide, love and respect them within the parameters of how the relationship has been defined by the people involved...go-getters want men that are proven breadwinners to accept companionship within the parameters of how each defines love, respect and a union- what's the difference?
  • Regular women don't want to date losers, unemployed or chronically trouble men...neither do "gold diggers" - what's the difference?
  • Regular women get cheated on, have fatherless children and deal with men that do not always help them overcome their personal issues, financial problems or raise children- free of charge.  "Gold diggers" seek to make sure their breadwinner can deal with the consequences of failed relationships.  What's the difference?                                                                                                           ANSWER: Regular women have less to show for their efforts if relationships fail, while "gold diggers" can pay for a new start...makes sense to me.  What's wrong with women making themselves available to men that have proven to be stellar providers?  

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Controversial Underground Book Teaches Women How to Profit in New Pimp Game

Kim Kardashian did it.  Amber Rose did it.  Karinne Stephans did it.  For every female business woman, social activist, academic or politician there is a nearly equally influential, more risque version of female empowerment in the public eye.  Undeniable sex symbols are finding their voices in this modern day uprising that is the New Pimp Game.  In short, it appears that the "hos are winning" while the so-called good women are sitting!

A controversial new underground book titled "Poor Ho, Rich Ho: Modern Women of The New Pimp Game" outlines the strategic and unorthodox methods used by the most contemporary capitalistic libertine of this time, Lair Haven.  Offering a blueprint to riches to aspiring women of sensual intrique, Lair Haven says what few know, many think but won't say and what only women with pure "go-getter" natures can embrace.  While every woman can't profit in the flesh trade, accoring to Lair Haven's book "every woman has a ho in her.  To what degree determines what lifestyle she lives."  Poor Ho or Rich Ho?

You can decide HERE!

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