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Monday, April 4, 2011

10 Things "Regular Women" Can Learn From Amber Rose!

1. Less is more.  While her looks impact the eyes of onlookers, how much has she really stated about her own life and motives for engaging the public.
2. Speak no evil.  Sure, we've seen her with many different men, but have we heard her side of the interactions?
3.  Show no pain.  Let's face it, as many men admire Amber, just as many women despise her and criticize her every move.  Yet she shows no reaction- cold blooded and poised.
4.  No apologies.  Take negatives, turn them into positives.  So what if if you're a hood rat, it is what it is, what else you gotta say?  Critics are only empowered when their targets show that they actually give a fuck about what they have to say.
5.  Smile.  Look happy as much as possible, people love to despise happiness and will continue to watch happiness in hopes that it will become tragedy.  Jealousy can fuel careers.
6.  Never conform.  People like long hair, cut it off.  People think bright lip stick is slutty, wear it anyway.  People fear nudity, cover only the bare necessities.  Be a woman, dress like a boy, flaunt like a tease and strip like a lady.  Contradiction is the key to interesting hypocrisy.
7.  Aim high.  Want the top men, go for it without shame.  Have nothing to hide.  That way when you get your target, no one can say it was through deception.  After all, no one forces these men to accept her.
8.  Have a secret plan.  Let people think you're an idiot, but let the right people know that you are not.  That way, when you keep getting your way, those that doubted keep doubting, watching, waiting for your demise only to be fed with success after success.  Again, jealousy can fuel a career.
9.  Embrace rumors but never respond too much.  No press is bad press when you act oblivious to the press.  Keep living and the press will follow, just deliver win after win.
10. Don't apologize for looking better than most women.  To be a sex symbol, sell the illusion of sex in ways that average women wish they could.

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