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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Exotic = Black = Bullshit

To all my readers, my sincerest apologies for my brief absence.  I've been busier than ever.  From Miami to Atlanta to Los Angeles and now I'm back in Chicago.  The nightclub business is alive and well and I've been putting together a new team of dancers to do traveling shows under the Lair Haven banner.  In short, business is booming.

Funny thing though, I am somewhat agitated.

Sometimes I observe mainstream media and listen to "everyday people" discuss what is sexy or beautiful.  Kim Kardashian is known for her big booty.  Coco, the wife of Ice-T, is known for her big booty.  Angelina Jolie has those trademarked big lips.  Jessica Alba and Jessica Biel both have curvy bodies.  The list of caucasian or non-black women that have been elevated to statuses of sex symbols and make mainstream dollars goes on and one.  Yet for every snow bunny with a booty and big lips I can name a black woman with equal or better physical features.

Still, even in 2011, black models/actresses/performers don't make as much money as white or non-black models/dancers.  You mean to tell me that someone as sexy as Megan Good does not compare to Megan Fox of the Transformers?  Someone like Zoe Saldona does not compare to Angelina Jolie or Natalie Portman?  

Even in the adult film industry, most of the female performers like Tara Patrick, Sasha Grey, Naomi, Bree Olsen and Jenna Haze clock millions.  While top ebony video vixens and performers Jada Fire, Vanessa Blue, Lacey Duvalle, Pinky, Kitten and  Ayana Angel never really achieve the mainstream status like Tara Patrick, Jenna Jameson, or Kendra the Playboy Chick.  Obviously all of these women are physically attractive.  Psychological complications aside, all of them would get a rise of of any man attracted to sensual ladies with extraordinary sexual drives.

My assertion is this: many of the white actresses/performers gain fame and higher booking fees because they have exotic physical features not always found on the typical white girl like bigger booties, boobs, hips and lips, all of which can be found on most black women.

In other words, a white girl with a black girl's booty will make more money than a black girl with a black girl's booty and a black girl with white girl features- it's a fact.  Is it fair?  Fuck no!

Trust me, I've been breaking in and managing female entertainers long enough to compare their earnings and for me, my effectiveness is measured in dollars.  I've watched plenty of big bootied blondes and brunette white dames from places like Texas, Alabama, Atlanta and Florida come into strip joints and clean the floor with black chicks on tips alone!  I've witnessed black dancers/performers try to make a living off catering to only black audiences and even those with solid fan bases never reach the same financial status as the white or non-black chicks that usually hold down both black audiences and non-black fans.  So for me the equation is simple, female performers that want to secure top billings and reach mainstream status have to have a core audience and cross-over appeal to maximize their profits.

Still, white and latina women have an easier time crossing over and still keeping their core fans- but I'm positive it's because they are not black women.  The ebony females that are dancers or adult film stars that make real money do  have solid black fan bases.  Eventually, the ladies that want to collect higher fees and gain cross-over appeal begin to work the white boy circuit, sometimes the black men that previously supported their work do not keep supporting- the same way that many of the top white female adult entertainers do not film interracial scenes if they have a huge white fan base of white boys that don't always want to see their white porn star with a big black dick.  Yes, racism exist even in the sex industry- crazy, right?  I don't blame the performers, I blame history and the hypocrisy of society.

A white chick with "exotic" features can make more money off her "exotic" features than a black girl can just being herself.  That's some bullshit, straight-up.

As a modern day libertine, I don't discriminate but I don't make up my own facts either.  Money is money and I keep my stable of female performers and hustlers as diverse as an underground fetish carnival of freaks, it is what it is.

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