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Sunday, September 30, 2012

From Hos to Housewives – Secrets of “Keepers” Exposed in NEW BOOK

Are you a Keeper?  The fast life summons with flashing lights, eyes of admiration and glorified diamond encrusted pedestals for the most enticing women of the night.  Flowing streams of endorsement deals, paydays that rival the revenues of small corporations and international platforms which position alluring sex symbols to be worshiped and adored by millions of fans.  The game is no longer just a game, but big business.  The Poor Ho, Rich Ho volumes penned by underground flesh provocateur Lair Haven go beyond the glorified entertainment taglines into the underlying motivations and business tactics which make the game not really a game at all.  Then he goes deeper.

Curvaceous legs, entrancing bosoms embodied in fleshly masterpieces with eyes that echo the souls of Heaven and Hell.  From the red district to authentic red bottoms, hos walks through paths which rival mind boggling mazes of truths living lives that domesticated women secretly dream of, but cannot openly admit.  Poor Ho, Rich Ho: From Hos to Housewives is the second offering from the author of Poor Ho, Rich Ho: Modern Women of the New Pimp Game.  

The second volume takes readers through the green pastures of envy and the Gossip Machine, the mindsets of top Rich Hos, the psychological profiles of tricks, the business of branding top female hustlers, explains the 10 Rich Ho Principles and then addresses the complicated process of how top rich hos become housewives.  The game is told and sold.  Any ho reading this book will learn how to get what she wants from men and the business of YOU, Inc.

If you think you are a Keeper, consider this The Rich Ho Testament.         

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