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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Red, White and Blue...Coming Soon

Fresh from traveling abroad and expanding the reality movement, I'm back stateside with a game-changing new book series: Red, White and Blue.

For new readers, I am Lair Haven author of the best selling Poor Ho, Rich Ho: Modern Women of the New Pimp Game.  Entrepreneur and entertainment kingmaker, the underground reality movement is emerging into the sort of truth that can't be denied any longer.

October 1, 2012 marks the release of my next offering in the Poor Ho, Rich Ho series:


Candid, raw and most of all insightful, THE RED BOOK is for the discerning woman that want the effective truth on how to best be a star in their world.  No judgments, no bullshit, no room for the timid.  My readers live by their own set of rules and judge success by outcomes.

I had a woman tell me that money can't buy you love.  So I told her, "Your love can't pay your damn mortgage either.  Every tried paying a down payment on a new piece of property with a hug?  The ladies I know have and they told me to tell you that your hugs ain't worth a damn but a theirs helped them buy summer homes."

I'm just sayin...

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