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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Wives and Long-Time Girlfriends Pay Attention

A controversial book titled Poor Ho, Rich Ho: Women of the Modern Pimp Game was released last year.  Initially the book was written as a brief introduction to the lifestyle of women living the fast life.  Interpret "fast life" however you wish.  Ironically, in July 2012 Anderson Cooper aired a show titled Extreme Groupies vs. Basketball Wives.  A woman named "Stephanie" from BallerAlert.com was also on the show.  The same website also ran a blog story titled Poor Ho, Rich Ho: Know Your Target Audience based on my book.

For the past month I've been fielding questions from mostly Wives and Girlfriends about this book. What I've gathered is one thing: The Hos are indeed winning and Wives and Girlfriends are looking for tips on how to get back in the game!

One woman wrote: "I went to school, got educated, stayed out of trouble and got married to my college sweetheart who then had an affair with a woman that reminds me of one of those Basketball Wife groupies!  I'm sitting here asking myself, what am I doing wrong?"

Another wife wrote me after reading the book and said, "I think the difference between married women like me and the women you describe in your book, is that us married women and girlfriends have too much pride.  We were taught to make men chase us and prove they deserve our affections.  Our men got sick of it and started being open to women who were willing to chase them, compliment them, tell them 'thank you', dress up for them and make them feel special.  Sadly, in most marriages and long time relationships, women take men for granted and stop looking good, dressing up and even flirting with our men.  This book showed me, that if I don't, some other ho will.  So I'm trying to get back in touch with my own inner ho now (LOL)!!!"

Like I said...every woman has some ho in her.  Perhaps the hos are winning because they represent a part of womanhood that has been stifled and restricted.  Surprisingly, it's not men that judge and condemn hos, women do the best job of destroying each other in this arena.  Maybe it's time for a truce?

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