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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

10 Ways to Know You're a Po' Dumb Ho If....

1. All your relationships end tragically because of your cheating, risque photos or videos sent to your unsuspecting man, or flat out getting caught being a ho.

2.  You have more than one baby daddy and both men swear you are a ho.
3.  You are known as a ho by more than two groups of male friends who have all had their turn between  your legs.
4.  You have had phone sex for free with more than two men.
5.  Men know your name before you open your mouth and attempt to get you drunk or high before you've known them even 24 hours.
6.  You are cheating on a broke man for richer men, but still come home to your broke man empty handed.
7.  Whenever you hear the names Kardashian, Amber Rose, CoCo, Karinne Stephans or Evelyn and you cringe, not because of moral reservations, but you know you missed the chance to do what they did!
8.  Old boyfriends meet you years later and can still get you to do some ho' shit within 24- 72 hours.
9.  You start getting action from guys that were below your league years before, but 2 - 3 kids later with no man and no money- you'd kill for one of those tech or science nerds you dismissed in high school for the basketball and football players all now married to better women than you.
10.  You have to get a payday loan to buy tickets to fly to Miami, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Las Vegas or new York to go to a VIP Party full of celebrities and athletes in order to invest in your future.

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