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Monday, June 20, 2011

One Love?

Women cheat.  Men cheat.  Marriages fail.  Relationships fall apart.  Working in this nightlife not only affords me good times, money, travel opportunities and the company of intriguing personalities, I often witness married men and sometimes women stray from their partners.  Surprisingly, even what appears to be the most devout married couple could very well indeed be more than meets our eyes.  Like most Americans, I was introduced to the concept of monogamy at birth.  One women, one man, loyalty and faithfulness was packaged and sold to me and millions of other men and women.

To their credit, some people actually are fulfilled by monogamy.  To them, I congratulate the same way that I applaud people who have managed to find happiness in plural relationships.  Yes, the very idea and reality of multiple partners is alive and well in more places than "common folk" would ever imagine.  Unfortunately, the majority of such plural arrangements are either hidden to monogamous eyes or deemed fantastical swinging or open relationships- frequently labeled perverse by self-righteous monogamists.

Yet cheating is as common among traditional relationships as love triangles exist in plural arrangements.  What do I mean by relationship plurality?  One man is attached to more than one "aware" woman.  By aware I mean that the women are aware they are committed to the same man, know of or even befriend one another, and are consenting to the plurality of the arrangement.  Sure polygamy is not legal in America, but that does not mean that consenting adults are breaking the law while having plural relationships.  Of course, in all fairness a woman could be committed to men that are aware they are sharing one woman as well.  Not exactly my preference, but to be fair, such arrangements are possible too.

The main question is, why would anyone, male or female, subscribe to a plural relationship?

More to come...

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