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Thursday, June 23, 2011

A "Ho" in America Would be a "Socialite" in the United Kingdom

Recently I had a friendly debate with an intriguing woman.  "I went to a very conservative college but I was raised in a more sexually liberated environment, so after I'd slept with more than 3 guys at the same college, I was known as one of the campus hos!"

This woman then raised a valid question in our conversation: "Is promiscuity largely defined by the social norms, beliefs and values of specific groups, cultures, races and gender?  If so, is it fair to label a woman a ho in one social circle or culture when in another more progressive environment she would be the norm?"

To me, she raised a powerful question.

So much so that I began looking into how other countries define promiscuity.  In America during the 70s, 80s, 90s and early 2000 I believe that the infamous double standard was in full play.  For example, if a man slept with 10 women, he's deemed a playboy.  By contrast, if a woman slept with 10 different men, she'd be labeled a "ho" by men and shunned by other women.

However, with the rise of video vixens, sexy reality television stars, celebrity groupies that bed celebrities- what was once simply "ho" behavior is unofficially morphing into the rebel movement to destroy the infamous double standard.  Simply put, the hos are winning now.  But not without backlash. I'm of the opinion that people (especially women) love to hate women like Kim Kardashian, Amber Rose, Karinne Stephans, Kat Stacks, Evelyn Lozada and other modern female media sex symbols because such women are not "in line" with fearing or being controlled by the age old double standard.

Women that have tried to "be good girls" and even subscribed to and obeyed the double standard set by men, do not want hos to win!  Kim Kardashian gets engaged and there is a huge number of women and men on pens and needles hoping another recent sex tape emerges with her cheating on her fiancee.  Amber Rose goes from Kanye West to Wiz Khalifa and everyone wants to see her finally unable to pull another celebrity boyfriend.  Karinne Stephans writes 2 bestsellers based on her real life sexual escapades and she's now categorized as a has-been ho with no real talent.  Kat Stacks bagged a number of rappers and she's been damn near exiled to prison!!!  Evelyn is probably the most evil pretty woman on reality television but she's nabbed Ocho and most viewers are watching to see when someone is gonna finally slap the mess out of her.  Pimpin is hard but bein' a ho ain't no joke either.

Most women don't want to see the so-called or alleged "ho" be rewarded for defying the rule of the infamous double standard.

All this fuss made me wonder how the rest of the world might view hos in America.  I read this article back in 2008 titled, "Britain on Top in Casual Sex League" that described a research study conducted at Bradley University in Illinois.  The study was conducted by asking 14000 people in 48 different countries to fill out an anonymous questionnaire.  Respondents were asked about numbers of partners and one night stands, and their attitudes were assessed by asking them how many people they planned to sleep with over the next five years and how comfortable they were with the idea of casual sex.  In all, the United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands, Czech Republic and Australia all scored higher on the promiscuity scale than the United States!  Damn.  Are the hos in those 5 countries on some other level ho hoppin'?  Or are our standards and definitions around promiscuity and sexuality simply narrow minded and outdated?

I think the later.

Don't be so hard on the hos.  Perhaps we all need to put things into context and stop thinking that our way of thinking makes the world go 'round.  Seems that the U.K. could give two shits about what Americans think of super groupie Chris O'Dell.  A ho in America would simply be an upscale Socialite in the UK.  That's kinda cool.  

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