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Monday, November 26, 2012

New Year, New Game? Join a New Team

Nearing 2013 some female hustlers are right where they started in 2012.

Still doing club appearances but not getting paid a significant cut of appearance, admission fees or sponsorship dollars?

Still don't have an agent or manager?

Still don't have a real brand or public identity to leverage into opportunities?

Still clamoring to get into VIP events to hopefully catch a glimpse or even meet a man rich enough to change your tax bracket in one night?

Still claiming you're going to lose weight, get fit, grow hair, update your wardrobe or get some real professional pictures to showcase?

Still getting cheap thrills off of how many "likes" or "comments" you get on Facebook instead of booking paying gigs in a real magazines?

For those ladies serious about themselves and not just looking for cheap self-esteem boosts on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or You Tube- stop faking and start making.  Stop frontin' and book something.  Stop posing for free and up your fees!

These cheap knock-off broads are hurting themselves, trying too hard, wearing too little and doing too many favors for fake promoters, over-the-hill rappers and low rent producers using you as stepping stones to attract better women.  Don't play yourself.  I've seen a number of so-called female models on line trying to get fans, begging for attention and getting way too excited about comments from the same local bombs that only tell you that you're attractive because they know your self-esteem will believe it.  Some of you need clearer skin, better outfits, stylists, gym trainers and most of all- actual talent.

Here's a tip, if you stand next to Amber Rose, Kim Kardashian, Karrine Stephans, Angel, Evelyn or any of the top female personalities actually making real money- would you still be worth looking at or would you fade into the background?  If you can't stand next to a real model or top actress and still look appealing, you are nothing more than a dillusional fan being lied to by third rate promoters going for quantity over quality.  In other words, they just need bodies at the parties and you're an extra.  Always will be.

On the other hand, for you standouts, true thoroughbred models and female hustlers with public speaking ability, acting skills and business minds it's time to take your local hustle to the next level.  You need a team, a manager and a plan.  Don't go into 2013 with the same team that can't seem to bring anyone to the party except the same people you see in the grocery store near your house.  It's time to grow up in 2013, serious ladies know who to contact, results guaranteed.

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