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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

What Men With Money and Power Want From Women...

The candid new book Poor Ho, Rich Ho has become an intriguing discussion topic in numerous online forums and sparked conversation around a very important underlying question:

"What do men with money and power want from women?"

Crossing paths with many financially stable men and ambitious women, I've seen the extremes of needs/wants on both sides of this topic.  Which leads me to ultimately conclude that two major factors must be considered before anyone can answer such a broad question.

Factor 1: An individual's personal beliefs, values and standards related to relationships is the starting place.

Factor 2: When individuals bring Factor 1 into contact with others, the compatibility between parties dictates whether or not the prospective relationship satisfies the couple's definition of fulfillment.

Considering the previous two factors, when rich men enter the dating game, what surrounding women must take into account are the two factors mentioned- for themselves first.

Meaning that a woman's "Factor 1" helps a rich men assess this question: What type of woman is she?

In turn, the man will also know the answer already regarding this question: What type of man am I?

Sticking with Factor 1 for a moment, as you can see by now, endless variations of answers can result because every man and woman is different.  Regardless of our personal perspectives and opinions on or about people, "to each his own" is not just a cliche for no reason.  A female doctor may eyeball a female pop singer and say, "She's immoral and stands for the wrong thing- disgusting!"  Yet that same female doctor may be open to dating the exact same man that the pop singer wants as well.  Rich men encounter such diverse scenarios all the time because men with means will see both these women at the same event, possibly dressed in attention-getting outfits.  Yet they are clearly two different types of women.  Who would this man choose to court or deal with?

The answer depends on numerous factors that have much do with the following question that enters the minds of rich men routinely:

"What type of woman is this and how does she fit into what I am looking for today?"

Timing is the most overlooked factor when issues about relationships are discussed.  If you're wondering how a woman deemed a "ho" or "gold digger" somehow secured the interest of a quality gentleman, it's all about timing.  The more chances a woman takes to cross paths with opportunities, increased are the odds of taking part in the perfect moment.

Of course, keen eyes will pinpoint a crucial detail in the last question.  "TODAY."  Just because a rich man wants a ho today does not mean he'll want her in the morning, right?

True indeed, as human nature and life issues eventually will become a concern.  Yet how a relationship starts does not dictate how it will endure or end, especially if communication takes place in a manner where both parties can explore their level of compatibility.

Men with money and power already have material security.  Keep in mind they encounter all sorts of propositions from established professional women, groupies, strippers, etc.  A key component must be considered- men with power did not acquire power without taking risks.  Their mindsets are often more open to new things, alternative strategies and turning what appears to be nothing into something- they are often "builders."

What rich men look for are women that are not only comfortable with their own "Factor 1 Reality", but women that know how to bring their own truth into another's reality in a way that supplements what they both feel is a good relationship for them.

I chuckle at women that simply don't want to accept that being "independent and self-sufficient" does not have to exclude men.  Some women really do need a man to be happy.  What's wrong with that?  Not everyone is meant to be strong and alone just as not everyone is made to be a successful business person or politician.  Women with too much to prove also display major insecurities about being vulnerable in ways that women who are not ashamed of needing men do not.  So what do rich men want from women?

Ladies that are not ashamed to be vulnerable, honest and most of all, interesting and friendly.  As long as a woman is comfortable with her answers for Factors 1 and 2, she will be comfortable being vulnerable, honest, interesting and friendly.  Not to say all "regular" women don't understand this fact, but it's been my experience that women living the fast life understand what rich men want and are willing to support such wants and needs- while "regular women are busy lecturing these men about "what they should" versus what they actually want.

I had a woman comment once, "Would President Obama date a ho, stripper or slutty woman?"

To that I say, we have no idea how Michelle gets down with her hubby.  What makes people think that educated, high performing members of society that have achieved admirable success beyond the reach of most people- don't get off on something?

"A woman in the streets but a freak in the bed" is a saying based on the premise of "balance."  How much a woman can balance her "lady" and "inner ho" is key.  Some men want more "ho" than lady, some want more lady than "ho."  What rich men want is a woman that won't try to force him to choose one over the other!

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