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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Controversial Underground Book Teaches Women How to Profit in New Pimp Game

Kim Kardashian did it.  Amber Rose did it.  Karinne Stephans did it.  For every female business woman, social activist, academic or politician there is a nearly equally influential, more risque version of female empowerment in the public eye.  Undeniable sex symbols are finding their voices in this modern day uprising that is the New Pimp Game.  In short, it appears that the "hos are winning" while the so-called good women are sitting!

A controversial new underground book titled "Poor Ho, Rich Ho: Modern Women of The New Pimp Game" outlines the strategic and unorthodox methods used by the most contemporary capitalistic libertine of this time, Lair Haven.  Offering a blueprint to riches to aspiring women of sensual intrique, Lair Haven says what few know, many think but won't say and what only women with pure "go-getter" natures can embrace.  While every woman can't profit in the flesh trade, accoring to Lair Haven's book "every woman has a ho in her.  To what degree determines what lifestyle she lives."  Poor Ho or Rich Ho?

You can decide HERE!

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