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Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Ho Mentality...Loneliness at the Top

Bottom lines.  Outcomes.  Winning or losing.  To a ho, that's what counts.  What about actions?  What about morality?  What about social consciousness?

The life of a ho is lonely.  Even when the life is cushioned with financial rewards, glamorized by envious onlookers and exploitative voyeurs, the life of a ho is still desolate at times.  In silence, the ho ponders, "How long should I live this way?  What am I really getting out of all this?  What would my mother or father say?"

Answers to such musings come and then go, like clients.  Rushes of shame, guilt and even paranoia infest the daydreams and nightmares of sleeping hos on the darkest nights when we slumber alone, for a change.  Solitude is the gift and curse to a ho.

But when it's all said and done, such freedom to be is supposed to be rare.  Exclusivity can be lonely.  After all, who dares wear the cloak of capitalism with such flair?  Unashamed, holding the dangling chains of so-called justice and morality in one hand and a wad of credit cards and folded dollar bills in the other, the ho stands naked like a perverted messiah at the mercy of the erotic courts of hidden desires.  Indulged by all, claimed by few, the ho knows what many say and do in truth but has been sanctioned by a gag order.  The gods forbid that aspiring gods get exposed as mere humans.

So the ho rests, holding the sexual betrayals of the righteous the way robed priests harbor confessions of the fallen.  Yes, the ho mentality can be lonely.  But no more lonely than the wife of a married man on vacation with his mistress or the single independent woman sitting alone in her living room watching romantic comedies and reading self-help books.

I guess that's why us hos shop so much, right?

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