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Friday, March 4, 2011

Short Term vs. Long Term Gain, Are Female "Gold Diggers" Winning?

"Hoes always appear to be winning, they are definitely not especially in the long run," I read on a message board in response to a message I posted which stated: "the hos are winning while the good women are sitting."

Followed by similar responses, I read carefully.  In my mind I thought, it's easy for lesser go-getters to malign, belittle or even condemn successful libertines that secure a pay day or arm of a wealthy suitor.  It's even easier for women outside of the fast-paced lifestyle of strip clubs, escort services, gold digging networks and groupie culture to say, "These women are playing themselves, they'll never meet a quality man!"

Yet if you really think about it, the "gold diggers" hustling in my world are probably more honest than women outside of the lifestyle.  Consider this:

  • Regular women want men than can provide, love and respect them within the parameters of how the relationship has been defined by the people involved...go-getters want men that are proven breadwinners to accept companionship within the parameters of how each defines love, respect and a union- what's the difference?
  • Regular women don't want to date losers, unemployed or chronically trouble men...neither do "gold diggers" - what's the difference?
  • Regular women get cheated on, have fatherless children and deal with men that do not always help them overcome their personal issues, financial problems or raise children- free of charge.  "Gold diggers" seek to make sure their breadwinner can deal with the consequences of failed relationships.  What's the difference?                                                                                                           ANSWER: Regular women have less to show for their efforts if relationships fail, while "gold diggers" can pay for a new start...makes sense to me.  What's wrong with women making themselves available to men that have proven to be stellar providers?  

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