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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Irony of The Pimp Game's Dirty Little Secret

Shhhh, don't say it aloud.  After all, sex should not sell.  The pimp game that is not a game has a dirty little secret: women with dual personalities.

Uncommitted, brilliant and articulate upholders of morally upstanding ways of womanhood, these women are judge and jury for all fallen women to worship.  Loyal followers of preachers on Sundays and masters of the "drop it like it's hot" moves on Saturday nights at the same clubs that many of the "jump-offs, groupies and hot girls"shake for green papered rain, these women have all the answers.  They can show a ho how to put on lipstick that doesn't get smeared no matter how many exclusive, worthy dicks rub across their double-speaking mouths.

Yes, the women with dual personalities know how to pose in bikini's next to your favorite rappers cars, show up at celebrity events dressed like strippers and present their "tease-only" package as a demonstration of what real classy women look like.  Amazingly, somehow when they try to convince the rich, playboy womanizer that he needs to not "date hos, groupies and disgraceful women" their short skirts and extra high heels don't get in the way of their holy message of female empowerment and redemption.  In fact, they only dress like exotic dancers to get the attention of the men surrounded by real erotic entertainers- in order to demonstrate that there's "more to them than meets the eye."

May the pimp game thank these persistent sisters of "ho-not-ho culture" for their ability to call people like Kim Kardashian, Amber Rose, Karrine Stephans, Lisa "Golden Girl" Natson, Kat Stacks, Carmen Bryan, all of Tiger Wood's hos- shameful women with low self esteem and a discredit to all women.  Without these lady protectors of female dignity, we would not know how a woman can exhibit ho behavior but get appalled by the notion that she's anything like the previously mentioned women.

Thankfully the phrases of "independent woman", "woman with her own" and the ability to "do what I gotta do" exist as useful punchlines for these lady chameleons.  I even had one tell me, "To each his own.  I don't have anything against escorts, strippers, groupies or hos- one of my best friends is an escort.  I'm just not trying to be identified with that lifestyle."

I looked at her in her red miniskirt and glanced at her tattoo on her thigh (a stripper's pole) and said to her, "Yeah, I understand.  To each his own.  It's all in how you do things in this life."

"Yeah, that's right!" She smiled and strutted away.  Like I've always said, there's nothing like a classy woman.


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