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Friday, March 11, 2011

The Fine Line...Poor Ho, Rich Ho breaks the Silence!

There's just a "way to do things."  As varying degrees of just about anything exists, such is the world that I dwell in.  There's a difference between walking, jogging, running and even sprinting.  Pace or speed differentiates this.

Clear distinctions are difficult to come by in the game that isn't a game.  A stripper versus an exotic dancer, a model versus a spokesperson, an escort versus a date, a ho versus a promiscuous woman- how are these distinctions made?

As I open the dialogue between my world and that of people that have assumed far too long that a clear distinction exists, I've met both positive and negative reactions to "Poor Ho, Rich Ho: Modern Women of The New Pimp Game."

Such is the "fine line" between self-awareness versus self-deception.  Women that have read the book cover to cover understood and even embraced the underlying message conveyed (which I'll reserve for women that have purchased the controversial title).  But some women that have not read the book yet, have a knee-jerk reaction to the title itself.  "Hos lose in the end."  "Hos will never end up happy."  "Hos get paid to have sex, I don't believe in that."  Admittedly, I've received so many emails and responses that echo defensiveness and even sheer denial.

Some of these women even told me, "I can't believe you're selling this book!"

Yet these same "ladies" purchase music that glorifies sex, drugs, pimpin', womanizing, stripping and hustling.  These same "ladies" go to nightclubs, dance as well or even better than professional exotic dancers.  These same "ladies" dress like strippers, date like escorts, chase material things like gold diggers, and can be seen in the audience of any rap concert or sex crazed R & B singer.  Hell, some of these same woman can be found screaming and passing out at your nearest church!  But "Poor Ho, Rich Ho: Modern Women of The New Pimp Game" gets under their precious, flawless skin?

Dare I say it?  "There's just a way to do things."  "It's not what you do, it's how you do it."  Such crafty sayings are the razor thin line that differentiates real women from hos, right?  Such sayings are also what what separates dumb hos from smart hos.

The only thing some women are upset about is that "Poor Ho, Rich Ho" exposes the dirty little secret of undercover hos that have been skating by with their noses in the air hoping that no one sees them slipping out the back door of the club getting into a limo headed back to the hotel- for free.  Don't get me wrong, I expected the controversy.  It's part of the ongoing process.  In fact, the women that have read and understand the book will be joining me in a good laugh later.  What's clear is that women are harder on each other than any womanizer or pimp will ever be.

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